19 9 / 2013

Anonymous said: That bug you encountered is an ear wig

THANK YOU. Omg, someone actually looked at my mundane life posts! I have only just met you, but I love you, anon! <3 xoxo

19 9 / 2013

My favorite Addison moment was every time Addison was on my screen. Who couldn’t love those faces? 

And let’s not forget that time she was beating up Sam:

I could watch this gif all day.

19 9 / 2013


(and the entire fandom face-palmed with her.)

23 6 / 2013

I was going into the bathroom to check my hair before leaving the house when a bizarre creature stopped me! I have no idea what this bug is other than creepy as fuck, so I tried to take a picture for later identification of the fucker. Unfortunately (and hilariously) my iPhone camera was flipped when I tried to snap a photo and I ended up with a picture of my reaction to the bug as well.

23 4 / 2013

Do us all a favor and start aging like the rest of us! Or tell us your secrets you sexy little thing.

22 4 / 2013

I have never been so scared/disturbed in all my life. I think my drugs aren’t playing nicely because I feel like I might die and this is not normal.

15 4 / 2013

Boston was my home for the past three years, and though I wasn’t a resident my whole life, the city has always been a part of my life. I’m a proud New Englander. Senseless violence like this makes me question where we as humans are headed. Terrible losses, but also people turning to help those affected without a second thought.

At least there are still good people in this world.

Pray for Boston.

14 4 / 2013

And really this is the most action my tumblr’s had in years.

14 4 / 2013

I’m seriously beginning to wonder if I’m watching the same season 9 of Grey’s Anatomy as most of the other fans…

13 4 / 2013

Oh my god, since when was there a show about hunting deer???? More importantly, why have I not turned this off yet?